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Dependable, first-class construction planning.


A Strategy for Success

A construction project’s success is often determined before a shovel hits the dirt. Countless decisions made in the preconstruction phase directly impact your project’s timing, budget, safety and quality. Our preconstruction approach is one of open collaboration with the entire team, building trust and predictability by providing the project with accurate and timely information. We plan the work, and then we work the plan!

Our early involvement is key to establishing up-front budgetary and schedule goals that serve as the baseline throughout the preconstruction process.


Unique Capabilities

Taking an approach that is much more than traditional cost estimating, we work collaboratively with the client and design team to ensure that all project guidelines and requirements are satisfied—helping to ensure the overall success of the project. Our mission is to challenge the status quo and focus on creative solutions for our clients. Collaboration, knowledge, creativity and focus allow us to incorporate value into every project we build.




From Our Clients
"[Stevens'] Preconstruction team brings in-depth market knowledge that we can draw upon during the early design and preconstruction stages which helps establish realistic project budgets that are sustainable throughout the entire project. SCC's field operations team has executed our projects with transparent proactive communication, creative problem solving, high-level of quality and has completed each on-time and on-budget."
Jerry Ebert
Executive Vice President | Trammel Crow Company