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Self-Performed Work

Bringing added value to your project.


Full-Service Construction Capabilities

The market is busy. Supplies and labor are booking up and availability in some scopes of work is a concern; framing and concrete are two areas in particular. Stevens has a crew of highly knowledgeable and experienced Field Professionals. Like any other scope of work we use a competitive vetting process to ensure the most competitive rate for the scope of work, and our Merit Shop status allows us to self-perform our carpentry and concrete services at the best production rates in the industry. Having our own crew as an available resource gives greater control over service, quality, costs, safety, and reduces schedule risk.



Key Benefits

At Stevens, we make sure you get the reliable labor force your project deserves. From large concrete framework to intricate finish carpentry, using our highly knowledgeable and experienced field professionals gives us greater control over service quality, costs, scheduling and safety—valuable benefits of the Stevens self-perform advantage.

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Superior Quality


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Schedule Enhancements

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Merit Shop Value

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Cross-Trained efficiency

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Increased Safety

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Better Communication

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Experienced Field Force

From Our Clients

"Stevens also told us that with their employment and maintenance of highly skilled in-house carpenter and concrete crews that they could and would make a significant impact on the quality of the finished product and its timely delivery. Those were not empty promises as both Stevens’ carpenters and concrete crews were incredible standouts in their fields. The concrete work on this project is as good as I have ever seen delivered over 35 years in this business and the wood framing went up fast, straight, and true. The results speak for themselves, a fact I attribute to their individual foremen and carpenters’ high quality standards."
Donald W. McCormick
VP Design, Construction, & Development | MM Properties